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Studio One is a full service design firm with its main focus geared towards providing a modern take on design. Our main goal is that to provide impactful and enduring designs that connect our clients to their projects surroundings and context. Our wide range of design capabilities and take on design allows Studio One to be at the forefront of new age design.

Studio One is founded by both Duy Tran and Rudy Morales with the conception of the design firm started in Southern California. Our founders attended and graduated from Woodbury School of Architecture in 2011 and have since been collaborating on several projects in Southern California.

Our commitment to all of our clients and projects is to provide a finished project that is contextually, financially, and visually. By collaborating with all clients at the inception of the design process, we can assure that the end outcome becomes an archetype to the lives of our clients.

Studio One’s main focus is Residental Design, but have experience with commercial and retail projects. Our team has a full range of design capabilities and are committed to provide professional design services. We strive for greatness is all aspects of our design firm and aim to provide completion of projects in a timely manner with the highest of standards.

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Let’s Work Together

“Studio One” is a dynamic and collaborative creative hub that brings together talented individuals from diverse backgrounds and disciplines to produce exceptional multimedia projects. With a shared passion for innovation and storytelling, our team of artists, writers, designers, and developers collaborate seamlessly to deliver captivating content that resonates with audiences across various platforms. Fueled by a culture of creativity, open communication, and mutual respect, our studio thrives on pushing boundaries and exploring new frontiers in the ever-evolving world of media. Together, we are dedicated to crafting inspiring narratives and groundbreaking experiences that leave a lasting impact on the audience, making “Studio One” a go-to destination for cutting-edge multimedia solutions.